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When it comes to branding and getting your work out into the world, we're the best in the biz. We're all about helping you create a beautiful business that stops your clients in their tracks.



Ever had a project, company or idea that you sat on for years? Believe us; this brand is a long-time-coming. 

Our Founder has actually been doing branding and creative direction behind the scenes in her original business (I Heart My Life) since 2014. She's so passionate about helping business owners stand out from the crowd, that she formed this company in 2023 by bringing together a team of rockstar designers and copywriters to support you in building a brand that is a true representation of you and/or your company. 


create a brand that stands out online

Your brand should be the juicy intersection between you and the client. And yet, most service-providers fall flat.

Did you know that experts at the University of Pennsylvania say that it takes people just three seconds for someone to determine whether they like you and want to do business with you? (Cited here.) That's why we're so passionate about helping you make the best first impression.

I heart My Brand

What we're loving

Websites with motion.

Eye-catching photography.

Simplicity, textures and shadow.

Beautiful layers.

Pops of color.

                         ONE MUST ALWAYS BE                   





We both know that you didn't start your business to become a designer. Your time is much better spent in service to your clients, creating brand partnerships, and being interviewed on podcasts (to name a few!). Let us do the heavy lifting when it comes to creating your beautiful brand so you can focus on your own zone of genius.

Our clients are seekers of beauty, lovers of travel, with a desire more  in their life. And that more starts with their brand.

I Heart My brand At GLANCE


Colors and Fonts



Art Direction

Brand Strategy


Slide Decks

Website Design

Template Builds

Social Media Graphics

Web Design

  • Branding and Business Strategist
  • Style/Photography Expert

Zone of Genius:

Emily Williams is a success coach, author, podcast host, and CEO of multiple brands including I Heart My Life, Emily Williams and To Be Ambitious. Within this company, she supports founders in uncovering their big vision for their brand, helps with creative direction both for websites and copy and weighs in on overall brand strategy. She's also a lover of fashion (and always styles herself for photoshoots!) so supports with photoshoot planning and vision as well. It's her mission to help driven women create a life better than their dreams.

CEO + Founder

Emily Williams


Shelby specializes in crafting sophisticated brands, Showit templates, and custom websites that empower businesses to operate with ease. Her diverse clientele base spans photographers and event planners, real estate agents and interior designers, acting studios, travel agents, and just about everything in between. Her signature approach to design fuses clean, minimal, and editorial aesthetics, resulting in effortlessly beautiful branding and website experiences that deliver results.

  • Website Designer
  • Branding Expert

Zone of Genius:

Shelby Johnson

  • Website Designer
  • Branding Expert

Tara Mosier

Tara specializes in Visual Branding, Showit templates and custom websites to share the heart of your brand with the people you want to work with most. She serves Photographers, coaches, lifestyle brands and other creatives with clean, modern designs that feel equal parts professional and welcoming. It’s her mission to support entrepreneurs and help them tell their unique stories, reach the people they most want to serve, and grow successful businesses through powerful branding.

Zone of Genius:


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Sarah is a brand designer, ShowIt website designer, actor, TikToker, vocalist, rulebreaker, New Yorker, and the most Taurus-y Taurus you've probably ever met. As a designer who moonlights as an actor, she helps creatives and entrepreneurs build their digital stage and find their authentic spotlight. Kleist is obsessed with building badass brands, telling stories, and she's hellbent on helping you tell yours. Her specialty is personal brands, and she loves working with clients who also want to be the face of their business.

  • Website Designer
  • Branding Expert

Zone of Genius:

Sarah Kleist

  • Website Designer
  • Branding Expert

Sofie VonMarricks Hung

Sofie crafts sophisticated brands, captivating copy, and beautiful websites that empower a wide range of clients including coaches, healers, bloggers, interior designers, and beauty brands. With her bold, playful design style and a deep understanding of market dynamics, consumer psychology, and advertising, Her brands and websites spark curiosity and draw in dream customers and clients. By infusing a touch of luxury into every project, Sofie ensures your brand leaves an indelible mark and sets you apart in your industry.

Zone of Genius:


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Rooted in strategy and quality, Ivana and Sam avoid fleeting trends, ensuring their clients stand out from the crowd. Their design aesthetic is characterized by its minimal and clever approach, bringing sophistication and uniqueness to every project. With a background in luxury wedding photography, they have a special affinity for collaborating with other luxury service-based businesses. They lead clients through a holistic step-by-step design process, meticulously curated to achieve exceptional results in their business.

  • Website Designer
  • Branding Expert

Zone of Genius:

Ivana & Sam

  • Website Designer
  • Branding Expert

Clarice David

Meet Clarice. Bagging her genuine love for design and a decade in the hospitality industry, she is committed to building brands that value client interactions, deep-rooted connections, and first & last impressions. Her favorite thing about design is the balance: art and science, strategy and creativity, research and intuition. She loves that being a designer allows her to flex both the left and right parts of her brain. Clarice specializes in creating brand & website designs that welcome your people and makes them stay awhile.

Zone of Genius:


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Straddling the sweet spot between strategy and storytelling, Kaitlin specializes in personality-driven copy for female founders who are making an impact. She's spent 10 years refining the art of storytelling and the skills of persuasion. Now, she uses these skills to create authentic, compelling copy that helps build brands with personality… inspiring conversion through connection. She loves working with female founders in the lifestyle space, including travel, design, photography, fashion, beauty, business and coaching. 

  • Website & Sales Page Copy
  • Email Sequences

Zone of Genius:

Kaitlin Veleski


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Aly is a creative soul, passionate Aries, and brand and web designer with a love for design that makes you FEEL something. From bespoke artistry to nostalgic touches, her style is a symphony of hand-picked typography and original illustrations that ignite the heart and evoke connection. Aly's clientele includes a diverse array of other creatives, from photographers to wedding planners, artists and coaches, who are drawn to her ability to create timeless brands that resonate deeply with their audience.

  • Website Designer
  • Branding Expert

Zone of Genius:

Aly Poepke


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  • Website & Sales Page Copy
  • Email Sequences

Kaitlyn Parker

Kaitlyn delivers personality-fueled brand messaging and sales copy to help your brand grow. With an extensive portfolio consisting of 200+ high-powered founders and brands in all different industries, she infuses both strategy and creativity into each draft. Her approach is rooted in understanding the big picture of the project, in order to establish a strong foundation and execute every detail in service of the overall vision. Her laid-back yet refined approach to copywriting is collaborative, fun, and always serious about results.

Zone of Genius:


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Designer, copywriter or other creative and WANT to join the team?

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Our go-to drag-and-drop online graphic design tool. Use it to create social media posts, presentations, posters, videos, logos and more.



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Clarice's work

Custom Branding for Josie Holland, a business coach for bold entrepreneurs.  

Josie holland

aly'S work

Custom Branding for Waverly & Co., an interior design studio.

waverly & Co

aly'S work

Custom Branding for Mon Cheri, a brand that brings small businesses together to curate unique gifts for people to give their lovers.

Mon Cheri

aly'S work

Custom Branding for Her Place, a hand-curated homewares store.

Her place

aly'S work